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Day 1: My adventures in Istanbul

After arriving in Istanbul very late last night (or should I say very early this morning) I quickly got into the swing of things this morning. This city is so alive, it’s pulsing, the vibe is wonderful.

I am as in love with this city as I was in India. Uh oh, another love affair.

What a better way to kick off my week of solo-traveling than a strong Turkish coffee?!

And breakfast of course. Their breakfast is just as I like it: savoury and not too heavy.

I walked around the lush winding streets that branch off the main street of Taksim (Istiklal Caddesi). The café scene is really on the mark, Turkish meets Europe, and they offer great simple menus.

I didn’t expect to come across so many vintage shops. The tiles make me want to have my bathroom inspired by a mosque.

Just off the main road mentioned above I came across two young fellows selling muscles stuffed with rice served with lemon juice. Words do not describe. DELICIOUS.

They were so friendly too!

If you haven’t had Turkish coffee before, here is a simple explanation: Roasted and then finely ground coffee beans are boiled in a bronze pot and served in a small cup where the beans are allowed to settle. Sugar is added to taste. This method of serving coffee is found in the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey of course.

Cats are everywhere. I was told that they don’t get rid of them because they kill all the rats. Cats kill the rats. That rhymes.

I walked past this family and asked to take a photo of them because I thought they looked so wonderful. They then invited me for tea (called chai) and home-made walnut baklava. What an experience!

It may be full of sugar but hell, we only live once!

Turkish men dancing in the street.

Pickles as a side dish with my kebab for dinner.

And to finish off my night before catching my z’s, some more tea!

Tomorrow I have another big day, so keep tuned! 🙂

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Vintage Champagne Flutes

Last week at the puces de Saint Ouen just outside of Paris, we discovered the wonderful vintage stands selling things that date back to the 20’s and before! I got these charming champagne flutes that I lusted after.
What do you think?

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La Brocante des Batignolles

We took a stroll in the 17th on the weekend and came across this wondrous place. Like Madame Chose this place is full of delights that will make you want to decorate your apartment. There is nothing that you can’t find here, and any vintage-lovers will go potty for the array of old school furniture, vases, teapots and storage. I particularly love the flour, sugar and coffee cannisters.

La Brocante des Batignolles propose de tout: des livres, des objets d’arts, des thĂ©ières, de la vaisselle, des meubles, Ă  tous les prix, dans une ambiance charmante, s’accordant avec celle du quartier, le quartier qui n’est pas encore dĂ©couvert ni envahi par les touristes. L’ambiance est chargĂ©e d’histoire et de nostalgie.

Make yourself a day of it, visit la Brocante des Batignoles, Beauty Cakes and Madame Chose and you will be certain to go home with a smile on your dial (and potentially a big paper bag full of goodies!)

You can click here for more details.

It is so worth it, get on down people:

16 rue Brochant 75017 Paris
09 53 01 23 61