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Chocolate breakfast pudding + fresh coconut

I only have one word for this- DAYUM! Perfect for those chilly Winter mornings.
Here is how to do it:

(for one hungry person, or two less hungry :))
half a cup of rolled oats
half a cup of chia seeds
4 tablespoons of raw cocoa, powdered
grated ginger
teaspoon powdered cardamom
agave syrup, to taste
half a cup of fresh farmers milk (from happy cows! Don’t use sterilised milk if it can be avoided, and support those local farmers)
half a cup of water

Soak the dry ingredients in the milk and water overnight. And it’s as simple as that, cook it all up together until the pudding is soft and glutinous and serve with either fresh coconut or desiccated coconut. Add the agave syrup as needed.

Ce pudding (je sais que ce mot a une mauvaise réputation en France mais croyez-moi celui-ci est méga bon) est tout simple mais nourri bien surtout en hiver. Ca nous donne de l’énergie pour la journée.

Ce qu’il vous faut:
(pour une personne qui a bien faim ou alors deux qui ont moins faim ;))
une demi-tasse de flocons d’avoine
une demi-tasse de graines de chia
4 cuillères à soupe de cacao brut, en poudre
gingembre râpé
cuillère à café de cardamome en poudre
sirop d’agave, au goût
une demi-tasse de lait fermier (qui est issu des vaches heureuses! Il ne faut pas utiliser de lait stérilisé si cela peut être évité, et surtout il faut soutenir les agriculteurs locaux)
une demi-tasse d’eau

Trempez les ingrédients secs dans le lait et l’eau pendant la nuit. Quand vous avez faim en vous réveillant, c’est tout simple: vous faites cuire tout ensemble jusqu’à ce que le pudding est mou et gluant et servir avec un peu de noix de coco fraîche ou noix de coco desséchée. Servir avec un peu de sirop d’agave si besoin






A tropical Summer dinner

It’s that time of year again.












Ayurvedic Spiced Rice Pudding for Breakfast

Spices are a great way to perk up some of the more traditional desserts. This soothing creamy rice pudding is made extra special with the simple addition of ginger. Being mostly vata, I need a soft and easy to digest breakfast because if I go without breakfast I get hangry (hungry + angry = hangry) which is typically vata! Plus it keeps me going until lunch. I served this with a few fresh blueberries for added vitamins and sweetness and chia seeds because I love them!


150g/7oz rice (I used half basmati rice and half pudding rice)

500ml/17fl oz milk

500ml/17fl oz water

4 tbsp unrefined sugar, or jaggery

3 small lumps stem ginger

1 heaped tbsp lemon zest

5 pods of cardamom, powered cinnamon and whatever other spices take your fancy

Put the rice into a heavy-based saucepan, pour in the water and milk and bring to the boil. Turn the heat down so that the rice simmers gently and leave for 15 minutes, partially covered with a lid. Add the spices. When the 15 minutes have elapsed and the rice is soft and sticky, tip in the ginger and zest, along with the sugar. Turn off the heat and put the lid on allowing the spice to infuse gently for five minutes.

To find out what dosha you are you can take a free online quiz on the Dosha Guru.

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My inspiration nest

A home is so very important. I am such a home-unit, and love to nest. Here is a little peek inside where I spend lots of my days. In Winter, I love sitting on the couch with a pot of chai and reading and in Summer with all the windows open I burn incense and have bright bunches of flowers.

I also shot the look book for my creations, Cleopatra’s Bling in the apartment.

Vintage Indian print- from antique store in Pondicherry, India.

Print from the Sarah and Bendrix Etsy store.

Cacti, crystals and Ganesh statue from India.



DSC_0001 2
Ganesh from India, print from the Sarah and Bendrix Etsy store.

DSC_0003 2
Frame wall (a work in progress). Textiles from all over the place- India, Paris, Australia, Ikea.

DSC_0003 3

DSC_0004 2
Native American dream-catcher.

DSC_0005 2
Cosy couch.

DSC_0006 2
Leather and embroidery slippers from India.



Nothing better than a big bed to rest up in after a long day.



Coffee table reading.
DSC_0001 3

A large collection of teas.
DSC_0011 copy

My little kitchen.

DSC_0019 2

Positive vibes for the bedroom.
DSC_0020 2