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How the French eat artichokes

Artichokes are sometimes scary to cook. In France I’ve eaten them a few times and have loved the way they eat them. Their soft hearts are sweet and with a bit of olive oil and balsamic it’s just divine. A great light but nourishing meal.

Here is how you do it à la française:

Cut the ends of the artichokes off and pull of any of the leaves that seem tough. Put them in a deep saucepan and fill up the pan around 1/3 of the way up with water. Bring to the boil and steam for around 35 minutes or until the outer leaves can be easily pulled off.

To serve: prepare a small finger bowl with olive oil and balsamic

To eat: pull off the leaves and dip the fleshy part in the oil preparation and eat this bit only (not the end bits of the leaves) until you get to the heart that is the best bit. As they say, save the best till last!