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A weekend of special breakfasts

I love a good breakfast, eaten in peace on my couch while Paris slowly wakes up. Here is what I ate last weekend…


Yogi tea green tea. Their words of wisdom always put me back on track for the day.




Fresh figs, banana, chia seeds, yoghurt and agave syrup.



fresh blueberries, raspberries, organic muesli, almond meal, chia seeds, yoghurt and fresh grated ginger.


#4 In My Basket

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an In My Basket! I love doing these because I think most humans are interested in other people’s fridges…. or am I alone on that one? 🙂

Last Saturday I went crazy in the fruit and veg department, getting excited for some warmer weather. Coriander, avocados, water cress, zucchini, lemons for warm water and lemon as my morning detox, blueberries, some organic apples to make for stewed breakfasts (still need to help my body make the transition into Summer), and of course some delightful fresh figs. Don’t they look beautiful?

What fresh delights do you have in your kitchens this week?



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