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Take Me to the River- my new Look Book

A few weeks ago we shot the new Look Book for my boutique Cleopatra’s Bling. This look book is more bohemian meets rock. I will soon be doing a giveaway when we get to 2000 likes on my facebook page– like us to find out more and to follow our adventures.

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Il y a quelques semaines nous avons shooté le nouveau lookbook pour ma boutique Cleopatra’s Bling. Cette fois-ci nous avons fait un look plus “bobo-rock”. Dès que nous sommes à 2000 likes sur facebook nous allons offrir une bague à une gagnante! Likez notre page pour en savoir plus et pour suivre nos aventures.

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Photos by Louise Chester.
Models: Elle Frost, Salomé Garbé, Clara Duval.
Styling by Olivia Cummings from Oh la la livia.

New Collection for Cleopatra’s Bling

For my boutique, Cleopatra’s Bling, I am working on a collection that is really inspired by spirituality and Gods. After visiting India two times I have become more and more interested in the symbolism of their decorative art and culture and colours and I want to bring an aspect of this to my next collection.

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Picture via pinterest.

This Ganesh and bird bracelet are being hand-crafted in India- you can pre-order yours by emailing us on cleopatrasbling@gmail.com.



We are proud to announce our first Giveaway on Cleopatra’s Bling!

The piece we have chosen to give our lucky winner is a vintage bracelet that is very special and we believe will find a good home with one of you. This vintage Afghani agate cuff was made around 30 years ago by the Kuchi Pashtuns, a nomadic people in what is now Afghanistan. It is probably from the Logar region.

What can agate do for you in your life?

Agate’s most noticable properties overall are balancing yin/yang energy, courage, protection, healing, and calming. Historically it was placed in water for cooking or drinking to dispel sickness. The Metaphysical and Healing Properties Lore of any specific type of agate depend to some extent on the color of the agate, but all agates have certain things in common.

Agate is a stone of strength. It was used by on the breastplates of armor to give warriors strength and make them victorious in battle. Energetically, it is considered to give strength both and physically mentally.

Giveaway on Cleopatra's Bling

Giveaway on Cleopatra’s Bling

To be in the running you have to:

1. Like Cleopatra’s Bling on facebook

2. Tweet this giveaway post and follow us on twitter. (@Cleopatrasbling)

3. Comment on this post and tell us what your favourite stone is and why.

4. Follow us on instagram (@oh_la_la_livia) and repost the photo we posted announcing the giveaway and tagging us

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6. Share the image post we posted on facebook with the link from your facebook account by clicking on “share” and leave us a comment telling us when you have done all of the above to go into the running.


Good luck 🙂

We will then pull the name out of a hat. Winners will be announced on the 6th of March.


Nest of the Bluebird

Genevieve from Nest of the Bluebird started creating when she checked out a stack of books from the library on ethnic adornments from around the world. African tribal beadwork, Oaxacan embroidery, Hmong Hill Tribe needlework, the colors used by the Morrocan Berber, the brightly hued silks of India. They all coalesced in her mind and what emerged was her current collection of designs. She started making these pieces based on her own desire for a bold pop of colour to enhance her often neutral wardrobe. She wanted something lightweight and comfortable even when the pieces are larger in size.

Her process begins with her favorite part, the selection of colours. Much of her day is absorbed with care of her impish 2 year old daughter Vivian, and as they play with blocks or she watches her play at the park, her mind is a flurry of colour combinations. She finds inspiration everywhere she goes. Textile prints, nature, children’s books, art, and photography. When she finally lands on the “right” colour combination, it’s like she has written a little melody that she just wants to keep humming. Each colour arrangement has the ability to evoke a particular mood or emotion.

She loves the process of creating something handmade and then sending it out into the world. She hopes the wearers of her creations feel energized, confident and maybe even a little sassy. Perhaps they will feel the good vibes infused into them by her hands as she happily created them. She has so many ideas for future creations so stayed tuned!

What a great message to pass out to you before the new week starts. Isn’t it lovely to hear that there are people out there that love what they do.

Vintage Ganesh painting

Vintage Ganesh painting

Our home

Our home

Nest of the Bluebird necklace

Nest of the Bluebird necklace

Nest of the Bluebird necklace

Nest of the Bluebird necklace

Nest of the Bluebird necklace

Nest of the Bluebird necklace

Nest of the Bluebird necklace

Nest of the Bluebird necklace

Nest of the Bluebird necklace

Nest of the Bluebird necklace

Nest of the Bluebird necklace

Nest of the Bluebird necklace

Vintage Ganesh print from India

Vintage Ganesh print from India

Nest of the Bluebird necklace

Nest of the Bluebird necklace

Nest of the Bluebird necklace

Nest of the Bluebird necklace



Fun with felt accessories

Christine has a precious little online boutique on Etsy where she sells all kinds of gorgeous accessories that would suit any occasion- parties, photobooth strips, cupcake toppers or super striped straws.

I think they would be perfect for a photbooth themed wedding, don’t you?After having seen moustache accessories in $2 shops, I can assure you that what Christine does is a thousand times more aesthetic.

After a few glasses of wine, everything feels so much funnier. I decided to share some of our fun photos with you all. See? We’re all just big kids afterall. Meg from De Quelle Planète Es Tu also put up photos from our fun gig.

It’s important to notice the people who have small businesses who put their heart and soul into what they do. Etsy is the perfect place to start (see my boutique here and here). Christine’s boutique on Etsy really stood out to me because I could feel the passion behind what she does, even in the simple precision of her photos.










This Winter I’ll have ears

My latest purchase. I’m waiting impatiently for it to arrive. It’s the latest big thing in Asia, so it will probably hit Europe in the next few months. For the time being I’ll be a lone cat in Paris.

These girls look like perfect dolls with cat ears.

The hat is 100% felt wool, perfect for the chilly days in Paris town.

Are you a fan?

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1 Year Anniversary of our PACS love in France

One year ago J and I signed a piece of French paper to declare us a couple under French law. We had an afternoon tea and champagne gathering to celebrate. Check out these absolutely gorgeous cakes, what a spread!

When we tie the knot one day it will be even bigger and better. I’m thinking in a garden somewhere in Australia. With lots of flowers. Yes I’m a dreamer.

J sporting his moustache. He is so dapper.

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