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Ayurvedic Spiced Rice Pudding for Breakfast

Spices are a great way to perk up some of the more traditional desserts. This soothing creamy rice pudding is made extra special with the simple addition of ginger. Being mostly vata, I need a soft and easy to digest breakfast because if I go without breakfast I get hangry (hungry + angry = hangry) which is typically vata! Plus it keeps me going until lunch. I served this with a few fresh blueberries for added vitamins and sweetness and chia seeds because I love them!


150g/7oz rice (I used half basmati rice and half pudding rice)

500ml/17fl oz milk

500ml/17fl oz water

4 tbsp unrefined sugar, or jaggery

3 small lumps stem ginger

1 heaped tbsp lemon zest

5 pods of cardamom, powered cinnamon and whatever other spices take your fancy

Put the rice into a heavy-based saucepan, pour in the water and milk and bring to the boil. Turn the heat down so that the rice simmers gently and leave for 15 minutes, partially covered with a lid. Add the spices. When the 15 minutes have elapsed and the rice is soft and sticky, tip in the ginger and zest, along with the sugar. Turn off the heat and put the lid on allowing the spice to infuse gently for five minutes.

To find out what dosha you are you can take a free online quiz on the Dosha Guru.

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How to pack a healthy lunch

I always bring my lunch packed to work because I cannot stand take away unless it’s of great quality. I feel more balanced eating food by body knows (I know! I’m so sensitive!)

I wanted to talk to you about the importance of how you transport your food. Invest in a good glass lunchbox! Plastic is very dangerous as it’s full of chemicals like bisphenol-A (BPA) (an endocrine disrupter that messes with the body’s natural hormone production and regulation) that have been very strongly linked to cancer as well. The more you use the same plastic container or bottle, the more it breaks down, and more and more bad chemicles are released.

Plus the remainder of the bottles either end up in landfill or in our oceans- hurting the fish and the dolphins, polluting our planet and killing our wildlife- Have you heard of the plasic continent? Look it up

I have glass lunchboxes that keep the flavour of the food fresher and don’t put my body in danger! Plus they are so much easier to clean and don’t stay greasy.

Today in my lunchbox I have quinoa with figs, fresh coriander (which gets rid of heavy metals in the system), water cress, Indian spices, and olive oil and a mixture of fruit with chia seeds to have with some organic Greek yoghurt. Yumm!





Cardamom Pear and Apple cake

Soft, spicy… it actually tasted a bit like a chai infused cake. Cardamom has to be one of my favourite spices… and it’s healthy! It’s good for bad breath, headaches, anxiety, settling your stomach and according to the principles of Ayurveda, cardamom helps balance the three ‘doshas’ or ‘defects’ in the body. In Ayurvedic science there are 3 body types characterised by three types of ‘dosha’ . Cardamom is a healthy spice that balances all the three ‘doshas’ and helps you stay healthy. So, its health benefits are all encompassing for all body types.

What you’ll need:

250g coconut oil, softened
1 cup unrefined brown sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla essence
3 eggs
6 cardamom pods that have been soaked overnight
2 1/2 cups self-raising flour
2/3 cup milk
1 pear, soft
1 apple

Preheat oven to 180°C/160°C fan-forced. Grease and line an 8cm-deep, 19cm (base) square cake pan with baking paper.

Squeeze the cardamom seeds out of their pods into the mixing bowl and discard the pods.

Using an electric mixer, cream coconut oil, cardamom seeds, sugar and vanilla in a medium bowl on medium-high speed until light and fluffy.

Add eggs, 1 at a time, beating to combine. Add half the flour. Stir to combine. Add half the milk. Stir to combine. Repeat with remaining flour and milk.

Slice the pear and apple and place them evenly on the bottom of the cake tin. Spread mixture into prepared pan. Bake for 1 hour or until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean. Stand in pan for 10 minutes. Turn out onto a wire rack to cool. Dust with icing sugar or cinammon.

Serve and enjoy x



I served the cake with a side of organic natural yoghurt, some grated ginger and chia seeds.



Poached Fruit for Breakfast

According to Ayurveda, the perfect breakfast is fruit. Ayurvedic eating recommends a cup of hot water with a tablespoon of lemon juice in the morning to help with elimination. It also gets digestive juices flowing and helps in the cleansing of the digestive tract. The perfect breakfast in Ayurveda is a fruit, to be followed with some warm cereal or whole wheat bread with some honey or almond butter. Ayurveda proposes it is always better to eat warm cooked foods for breakfast as it helps wake the digestive fire.

I cooked my apples, pears and rhubarb in coconut oil with ginger and cardamom. So warming and light. I served it with a side of yoghurt, honey and chia seeds and a delicious freshly brewed coffee!

Happy Wednesday everybody 🙂






How green can you go?

My green smoothies look like this. How do you make yours? Tell me all.

It’s Sunday morning here in Paris so I’m about to go make myself my morning green smoothie. YES.

Green smoothie

Green smoothie

Green smoothie

Green smoothie


Warm Beetroot and Raw Kale Salad with Tahini Dressing

This salad is a great simple one that doesn’t take long but feels great and keeps well for the next day.

You’ll need to boil and peel a beetroot and slice it up.

For the salad dressing I used three big tablespoons of tahini mixed with a dash of olive oil, salt, pepper, crushed garlic and some grated ginger.

Chop up the kale finely and mix it with the warm cooked beetroot, two cooked carrots and one zucchini.

Add the dressing.

Once it’s all evenly mixed, sprinkle chia seeds over the salad for extra protein and fiber and you’ll all done.


This weekend we were in the north of France enjoying the (much) cooler weather. Upon arrival I discovered my unicorn cookie cutter that had arrived in my letter box and boy am I excited to make unicorn shortbreads! Magical.

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Amazeballs Superfood Energy Balls

I’m sick of wanting a small snack to go with my coffee or afternoon tea and finding that anything I consider bying is full of refined sugars, additives and other things I cannot pronounce! I took things into my own hands and made super dooper amazeballs jam-packed with goodness, superfoods and energy.

This is how it goes:

300g of fresh dates. Despite them being quite soft, I soak them for 24 hours. This will make them easier to digest and bring out their natural sweetness too. After soaking them for 24 hours I take out the pips and add the rest of the ingredients.

Half a cup of organic cocoa nibs.

4 tablespoons of chia seeds.

half a cup of coconut.

Blend it all up.

Add half a cup of cocoa.

Roll them into bite-size balls.

Sprinkle cocoa over them to make them richer but also easier to eat!

Store them in the fridge and enjoy one each morning with your morning tea or coffee to get you going and ready for the big day ahead.

If we are going to eat chocolate we may as well do it right, do it whole, do it with real foods! Chocolate is healthy for us, it’s is the processed chocolate with milk, soy, sugar and other chemical lab made ingredients that makes it unhealthy. When it is made with raw cocoaand a natural sweetner like dates in this instance it is loaded with vitamins, nutrients, and anti-oxidants – more than green tea, red wine and blue berries! This recipe is high in magnesium,great for energy, weight loss, a protein snack before a workout, an aphrodisiac and for FEELING GOOD!

Enjoy xo,

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Super Greens Berry Smoothie

In the morning I love my greens and fresh smoothie hit. I don’t mix milk and fruit, I just add a small amount of yoghurt and water. The berries make it thick enough.

I use the Super Greens mix from Swisse. It’s a mix of spirulina, chlorella, and wheat and barley grasses. When mixed with berries, you hardly taste these things.

What you’ll need:

Frozen berries
about 4-5 tbsps of natural yoghurt
Organic honey or agave syrup
A frozen banana if you like it extra thick and sweet
A teaspoon of the Super Greens mix
A teaspoon of matcha
A cup of water
2 teaspoons of chia seeds

Blend it all up, and you have yourself a very healthy morning kick smoothie!

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