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Care Package from Melbourne

I just love getting packages from home. Australian products, things I miss, cards from loved-ones. It’s easy to feel as though you’re losing touch with your home town or country when you are away for so long. I am incredibly glad to be visiting Melbourne in September.

Two of my favourite people sent me this care package that arrived on a rainy day and it gave me a piece of home and brightened my day.




Russh magazine. A great Australian magazine that isn’t quite mainstream so you can read about interesting brands and people that are yet to be revealed in the mainstream culture.


This uplifting body lotion by Australian Bush Essences is just beautiful. Citrus is a very uplifting smell and opens up your chakras in the morning when you sometimes wake up a little foggy. All ingredients are Australian: Banksia, Billy goat plum, Five corners, Flannel flower, Mulla Mulla, Old man Banksia, She Oak, Wisteria. The earthy and natural smells make me miss my country.



And last but not least this Indah Organics meditation balm. Cardamom is such a winner. The founder of Indah, Teisha Lowry, is also a coconut oil lover like me.



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Happy Sunday 🙂