My Boutique

This one is for you my day trippers, kaleidoscope-eyed wanderers, sun worshipers + wilderness lovers. It’s laying in the grass, staring up at the sky + watching the clouds turn into wild horses ♥

All of my pieces are either designed by me or by local artisans in Turkey, India or Afghanistan. I aim to provide you with unique pieces inspired by nature, mysticism, astrology and history. All items that I do get whilst traveling are hand-picked by me, for you.

I got inspired to open a boutique through travel. I’m in love with culture if you can’t already tell.  And here we have a dreamer…

You can click here to see my boutique and here to follow the facebook page. I’m so happy to have you.

3 responses to “My Boutique

  1. These are gorgeous and so fairly priced. Love. Love. How many of each piece do you have them make?

  2. i’m kind of your creations! i love that!

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