My inspiration nest

A home is so very important. I am such a home-unit, and love to nest. Here is a little peek inside where I spend lots of my days. In Winter, I love sitting on the couch with a pot of chai and reading and in Summer with all the windows open I burn incense and have bright bunches of flowers.

I also shot the look book for my creations, Cleopatra’s Bling in the apartment.

Vintage Indian print- from antique store in Pondicherry, India.

Print from the Sarah and Bendrix Etsy store.

Cacti, crystals and Ganesh statue from India.



DSC_0001 2
Ganesh from India, print from the Sarah and Bendrix Etsy store.

DSC_0003 2
Frame wall (a work in progress). Textiles from all over the place- India, Paris, Australia, Ikea.

DSC_0003 3

DSC_0004 2
Native American dream-catcher.

DSC_0005 2
Cosy couch.

DSC_0006 2
Leather and embroidery slippers from India.



Nothing better than a big bed to rest up in after a long day.



Coffee table reading.
DSC_0001 3

A large collection of teas.
DSC_0011 copy

My little kitchen.

DSC_0019 2

Positive vibes for the bedroom.
DSC_0020 2


11 responses to “My inspiration nest

  1. Your home is so cozy! And smells of delightful things…. 🙂

  2. What a happy home! I love it, Olivia!

  3. Your apartment is indeed SO photogenic….! Cozy as can be, and definitely reflects you.

  4. Love your home Olivia!! it’s beautiful, i particularly like your “Non, je ne regrette rien” poster as that is one my favorite songs! 🙂

  5. So cozy and so you! And love to spot the Gypset book on your coffee table 🙂

  6. Awww that is so sweet ! Looks like something id see In a movie. Very colorful and vibrant :)) and decorated so nicely 😉

  7. un vrai lieu de repos
    c’est magnifique!!!

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