My Carrot Cake Recipe: a video

A while ago Meg and I escaped to the countryside to cook, read and sleep for a weekend.
This is a bit of what we got up to…

Video by Meg Gagnard
Recipe and cake by Olivia Cummings

Click here for the recipe.


7 responses to “My Carrot Cake Recipe: a video

  1. Love it! Go Meg & the cook 🙂
    Would you say your favourite cake is carrot cake?
    Mine would be either carrot cake, banana bread/cake, or flourless orange and almond . . . quel quandary! hehe 😛

    • I have been mulling over this question since I received your comment this morning… Give me a few days and I’ll write you a list of my favourite cakes 🙂

  2. The video doesn’t show the quinoa you have in the recipe… or I just missed it. I was hoping to see whether it was supposed to be put in dry or already cooked. This looks absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to try it!

    • Yeah sometimes we got so carried away with the cooking that we missed a few steps 🙂 The joys of cooking, ya know 🙂
      I put in dry quinoa it gives is a kind of “loafy” aspect- just divine! Let me know how it goes xx

  3. It looks amazing, and EASY to make!

  4. Delish!!! What a gorgeous video! You must also try Perisan Love Cake. Theres a good Gourmet Traveler recipe online. Sooo yummy you will love it!

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