Weekend Bliss

Spring arrived this weekend- at long long last. I pulled out my lace tops and sunnies to celebrate and got some flowers to decorate the apartment.







While Spring is here, it’s still important to keep looking after our immune systems as our bodies are adjusting to the change. This is why I had lots of spicy chai tea and an immunity smoothie. For this smoothie you’ll need:

Frozen berries, organic
a cup of fresh green tea
super greens
a chunk of fresh ginger
a spoon of raw honey
a few spoons of yoghurt


Turmeric needs either honey or some kind of “fat”, like yoghurt, for it’s properties to be activated. It’s a fantastic blood cleanser and is an anti-inflammatory. It’s good for everything really!





I’m Australian- vegemite on toast goes without saying.



2 responses to “Weekend Bliss

  1. That’s an interesting mix. I didn’t know turmeric works better in conjunction w other foods. I actually cooked my babies brown rice in water that I added turmeric powder to. But I’ll try it w honey as a spread on toast!

  2. It’s interesting to see I’m not the only one into combining foods for better health. Just seeing you explain why you have combined certain foods is really cool. I have a passion for nutrition even though I haven’t studied anything that has to do w food. But I am thinking of maybe taking some cooking lessons

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