New Collection for Cleopatra’s Bling

For my boutique, Cleopatra’s Bling, I am working on a collection that is really inspired by spirituality and Gods. After visiting India two times I have become more and more interested in the symbolism of their decorative art and culture and colours and I want to bring an aspect of this to my next collection.

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Capture d’eÌ cran 2013-04-11 aÌ€ 11.58.39

Picture via pinterest.

This Ganesh and bird bracelet are being hand-crafted in India- you can pre-order yours by emailing us on


5 responses to “New Collection for Cleopatra’s Bling

  1. WOW!!!!! This is gorgeous!

  2. Ummmm amazing! Are they two separate cuffs? How much?

  3. I’ll check out Etsy 🙂

  4. Little Pieces of Light

    I just visited your Etsy site for the first time! I am in looooove with your jewellery! Is there any way to see them in person in Paris?


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