#2 In My Basket

The season is (finally) changing, and even though it’s still cold, the Winter vegetables are starting to go out of season. There are still the root vegetables and the Winter apples and pears but kale is going out of season now so it may be my last kilo of kale for a while. This week I’ll be eating so much kale!

I’ll take you through what I had in my basket this Saturday after my outing to market. Favourite outing of the week. By far .


Organic and fresh Jersey cow milk. For those of you that have lived in Europe, you must have also noticed their milk isn’t real milk, and to be honest it kind of freaks me out. You can keep it out of the fridge without it going off. It’s been so processed that it is no longer milk. So for my lattés and chai, I get this organic milk which is actually very good for you and full of lots of nutrients. I think that you need to put in your body what feels right. I respect fully the people who are lactose intolerant, and they should steer clear of my raw milk, but for those of you that can digest milk, please look at the way it’s been treated and ask yourself if the milk you are eating has any nutrient value, or if it’s like the freaky milk you find everywhere here in France. Without getting too political, it is also a great way to support local farmers. Lobbying by the government and big supermarkets is very strong in all countries. We need to think about the small producers and the quality of their products is absolutely one hundred times better than what you find in a supermarket.



Fresh sourdough bread.


Chocolate bread with a dark chocolate heart.


Organic blood oranges.


Sweet potato. Baked with coconut oil. TO DIE FOR.


Gorgeous snow-white like apples.


Fresh beetroots and their leaves which I use in salads.


My new capsules from Terre de Cafe. I’ll be writing about this place soon.


And of course, I got a big bag of kale.


This is what I call real yoghurt, folks!


J’s brunch.


My brunch. No ham.


In the side salad I put beetroot leaves, sprouted lentils and grated beetroots. I like my eggs scrambled so I did them with olive oil and kale. J likes his eggs fried so I sprinkled kale on them as they were cooking. The cheese is cantal, which is one of my favourite cheeses!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. What did you buy and cook this weekend? Anything special?


9 responses to “#2 In My Basket

  1. Kale shouldn’t be out for long. The weather in northern france in spring/summer is ideal for growing (almost all year round) i’m working on it girl! x

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  4. You are a domestic goddess and I miss you very much

  5. Lovely purchases ! What market did you go to?? I’m here in Paris dying to get my hands on that milk and sourdough ! Also what is the French word for sourdough? Thanks! Xx

  6. What market did you go to? I’m in Paris dying to get my hands on such lovely milk and sourdough ! Also what is the French word for sourdough ?? Thanks ! Xx

    • Hello beautiful! So the sourdough is from the marché couvert des Batignolles and my milk I order from the cheese vendor in the market or else I go to le marché bio des Batignolles where there is a stand and they have delicious jersey cow milk 🙂

  7. Wonderful thank you!!! Any suggestions for what you find as the best and freshest ice cream? 🙂

    • I have so much to say about good ice cream. Do you know berthillon ice cream? It’s on Ile Saint Louis and is amazing. SERIOUSLY. Otherwise go to the bakery I was telling you about in the marché couvert des batignolles where the baker does his own fresh gelato on the spot with fresh seasonal fruits. Let me know what you think!!! xxxx

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