A unicorn and deer afternoon in Paris

To make life sweeter, I love my afternoon latté and a little treat. On Thursday I decided to get myself a handful of choukettes (a delightful little puff of French pastry with sugar on top- not to be overdone in quantity). Coffee time is so cosy at the moment here in my apartment because the sun goes down early and I turn on the big lamp on our living room which gives a honey glow to the room and I sink into the couch with my latté.

I am so smitten with my new cups from Claudia from Superfumi.

Being Australian, I absolutely love European animals because my childhood was koalas, kangaroos and possums. I find deers so precious. Their big eyes! Obviously my unicorn obsession is just because I’m a girly girl.


I highly reccomend you visit her Etsy shop here because she has a new range that just came out. All of the products are handmade in the UK.

What treats do you have planned for the weekend?

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3 responses to “A unicorn and deer afternoon in Paris

  1. Oh .. what a ❤ sweet moment ❤ and nice pictures !!
    Pour le week end, ça sera un joli gateau avec une base en brownie, un second étage en créme brulée et pour finir une couche de mousse au chocolat aux éclats de noix de pécan caramélisés.
    J'espere que le joyeux australien que je reçois demain à déjeuner appréciera ma création gourmande 🙂
    Et toi quelle douceur as-tu prévu pour ce week end ?
    Bises … Nelly

  2. Oh my goodness those cups are so adorable!!! I’m in love!

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