Blush Wedding Flowers, New Zealand

I fell upon the Blush Flowers website a few weeks ago. I really adore flowers so this site caught my eye. I am the kind of person that would almost prefer getting given a bunch of flowers than a present for my birthday. I think they are appropriate for any event, to express so many emotions and they are can articulate feelings that sometimes words cant.

I had a chat about Blush Flowers with Kelly, the founder, which gave me an insight into the philosophy of this family business.

During studing fashion design Kelly saw an amazing bouquet of flowers in a magazine created by a local florist and decided that she would like to try floristry. Kelly is a girl who knows what she wants; she called that florist and a week later she was working there full time (what a woman!). Arranging flowers had never crossed Kelly’s mind and she didn’t feel as though knew she very much about it.  Around a year later she began a business supplying corporate companies with weekly flower displays and this led to designing flowers for hotels and doing events. Kelly has now been a florist for about 14 years (yikes!).

Kelly created Blush to focus purely on weddings. These aren’t just any flower arrangements, they are enchanting and original, almost other-worldly.

Kelly loves to make things with her hands, to create, to harvest, to give. She has the sensitive and inventive soul that we would trust to take on our wedding flower arrangements.

As one can imagine, creating flower arrangements for weddings offers many lovely memories. Kelly stressed the fact that all weddings are memorable, and that it’s always rewarding to see a bride’s face light up when she sees her bridal bouquet for the first time! She did a wedding were hundreds of roses were threaded onto nylon under a waterfall. That is certainly something Kelly won’t forget.

I asked Kelly where the ideal place to get married is. She adores outdoor weddings, loves vineyards, like Lavender Hill or Mudbrick cafe on Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

On Kelly’s wedding day she had “bowl of cream” Peonies, Hydrangeas and sweet peas. Peonies are a favorite of hers.

According to Blush Wedding Flowers’ experience, hydrangeas, peonies, dahlias, and roses are the most popular flowers chosen. It’s very fashionable to combine many varieties along with pretty foliage, berries, succulents not forgetting to combine many colours too.

New Zealand really is a stunning country, crisp and natural; I think it would be the perfect place to get married.

To get in touch with Kelly you can click here to see her charming work for yourself and to potentially organise a dreamy bunch of flowers for your Big Day.

First 6 images by Amanda Amundsen Photography, last 3  by I Do Photography.

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4 responses to “Blush Wedding Flowers, New Zealand

  1. Rachel Walters

    Those flowers are stunning – I especially love the third photo. That would be a perfect wedding bouquet! The orange one is lovely too 🙂

  2. Beautiful post, Liv. What a great story behind the business of flower arrangements. I know what to get you for your next bday!! 😉

  3. I just love flowers, esleaicply roses, I find it very romantic despite its thorns. I won the heart of my then mother in law to be when I brought her a dozen roses one Mother’s Day many years ago. But my secret wish up to this time is to receive flowers from my husband. I got flowers from my son & daughter in law in Vegas two years ago for my birthday. I’m not sure if Frederick MD Florist has a contact office or person here but I think my son & wife ordered the flowers thru the internet. My son & his wife had a good laugh when I told them about my secret wish, & that all I ever got from their dad was a talunang manok, fighting cocks being his one great love, aside from me, of course,( I would like to think.) Well, love comes in many faces.

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